Yoga Co-op

WELCOME! We are a group of Independent Yoga and QiGong Teachers who have banded together as a cooperative to provide access to all whom may want to attend classes. All classes are offered by donation to each teacher. We recommend $10 to $25 per class.
Check our schedule.

Sasha                      508-648-4728

Lynnette                508-733-2622

Tammy                   774-810-5484

Tina                         508-274-1072

Song                       508-333-2001

David                      617-953-3318

Ewa                         774-268-6432

Michael                  508-414-1009

Norah                     774-210-2063

Kathleen                508-776-2178

Sue Lovett             617-921-1037

Calmer Choice                            

Sam                       774-722-7328